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Understanding Wrong with matchmaking the Mom of your own Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Reader matter:

what exactly is completely wrong with a soon-to-be-divorced father dating a divorced woman whom happens to be their daughter’s date’s mother?

-Donnie C. (Pennsylvania)

Specialist’s Response:

Hello Donnie,

I’m assuming you are the “soon-to-be-divorced father”? Let’s say you might be. There are some huge red flags in relation to online dating your own girl’s sweetheart’s mother. Why don’t we start with the truth that you’re not even separated yet. I believe that because there are kids included, you ought to wait until the divorce is actually final prior to getting into a life threatening union. It really is okay up to now here and there, but keep it at that until everyone in the situation features cured or perhaps is at least being congenial.

Next, you will find billions of women in worldwide. How come you have to date the girl’s sweetheart’s mom? I am talking about genuinely, matchmaking one of several lunch ladies at her college or her gynecologist would cause less shame. Separation and divorce could be an extremely tough situation for every included. Remember to place your young children 1st, plus don’t ensure it is any tougher on them than it should be.

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