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Turn your smartphone into a Game Boy with Hyperkins Smartboy

It follows Link on his quest to find Navi, his fairy companion from the first N64 Zelda game. New game plus has been reworked, now you retain all of your items, rupees, ammo, and upgrades, and gain a new heart container after each cycle. The game features heavy time travel as well as side stories that highlight the problems with time traveling in general. Many places are transformed over the period of seven years that Ganondorf was in rule, and Link has to deal with the problems​ of his closest friends.

  • Immerse yourself in this bright, cartoonish, and humorous world, complete with hit music featured in previous Mario games.
  • The Nintendo DS Browser that required TWO cartridges to run was limiting enough, thanks.
  • The evil organization will try to steal the crystal to find Shenow’s lost father inside the crystal, and use it to rule everything with Darkrai.
  • RGBDS opcodes reference open in new window – A reference of all instructions, including short descriptions, cycle and byte counts, and explanations of flag modifications.

“as she sleeps”, featuring darien shields, is one of my favorite cuts on the album, definitely check it all out when you get the Top 5 Pokemon Emulators in 2049 chance. For GBA games as there is no header information to report the game size, GBxCart RW will try to calculate it. Occasionally it can be wrong, especially for flash carts. However, the low resolution and mono sound would result in a low-quality video output on a TV regardless. Unlike Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox video game consoles, the Nintendo GameCube cannot output Macrovision gain-control copy distortion signals. If your game saves to an EEPROM or Flash then it won’t work on any of these carts unless you patch it to use SRAM, the GBATA program seems to work well for this as reported by some users.

Pokemon “Korosu Killer” GBA ROM

However, doing so would be disrespectful to the tireless efforts of the developers. In addition to running the risk of downloading a file that may contain malware. Sanni’s Cart Reader – This is a fully open source reader that supports both Game Boy and Game Boy Advance cartridges. Compatibility with OEM games is near 100%, just like the other readers above, but this reader actually supports a few other systems as well like N64, SNES, Megadrive, etc. Sanni is constantly updating the software and hardware to add support for more devices. Beyond the support for more systems , this device has a few more things that set it apart from the other readers.

Replace the first entry as shown and save the file. Once the process is complete, your game will show up in the HOME Menu as an installed title. These instructions are written for use with GodMode9 v2.0.0 or later. If you have an older version of GodMode9, follow these instructions to update it. Yes, we’ve experiences a couple of minor bugs since reviewing it, but we’ve been told these will be squeezed out in a quick update.


You could have possibly played the same game a thousand times, and your data was there every time. It could take years and years for the battery inside of your cartridge to die. It all depends on whether you bought the Gameboy game used, or if you bought a brand-new copy. Another factor is how many hours you spent playing that specific game. So you may be asking the question, well how does your game data save onto the cartridge?

Re-write your flash carts

I’m against piracy but I’m not against roms of older games, at least the ones that owners don’t care anymore to distribute or simply cannot distribute anymore because they became licensing mess. As someone who’s hoping to get in the business after my degree, I completely support Nintendo here. I’m an absolute hypocrite though as I have used these websites in the past.


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